The Tyrannical Twos

Romantic | June 6, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are texting each other about his newest niece. He has just sent me a picture of her.)

Boyfriend: “New baby!”

Me: “Aww! So cute!”

Boyfriend: “Yup.”

Me: “We must practice making babies, so that our first born will be even more adorable.”

Boyfriend: “I can do that.”

Me: “Our children will be so cute; people will tremble in fear.”

Boyfriend: “Okay?”


Boyfriend: “So cute, that people are scared?”

Me: “So cute, that no one can resist them. When they ask for control of the world, we end up being the parents of the evil overlords.”

Boyfriend: “Well, that sounds like it has some perks.”

Me: “Yup, evil cuteness! And we’d have the power to control the leaders of the world. So, practice later?”

Boyfriend: “I’m in.”

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