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The Two Towering Lapses Of Timekeeping

| Friendly | May 1, 2017

(It’s the opening night of the second “Lord of the Rings” movie, “The Two Towers.” A married couple that we’re friends with want to go see it. Normally, my husband and I prefer to wait a week or two when a very popular movie opens to let the crowds die down, but this time we said yes. We’re all planning to go in the same car.)

Friends: “Let’s go out for dinner at [Very Busy Restaurant] first; then we can go to the movie.”

Me: “Is that a good idea? Service might be slow, and we might not get into the movie.”

Friends: “Nah, it’ll be fine. You worry too much. Besides, we know a secret parking spot that no-one else knows about, and it’s really close to the theatre.”

(We get seated fairly quickly in the restaurant.)

Friends: “Let’s order appetizers!”

My Husband: “Don’t you think that’ll take too long?”

Friend: “No! Boy, you really need to relax.”

(The service is pretty speedy, considering how busy the restaurant is, but our friends take so long to eat all their food, it’s starting to get late.)

Me: “We REALLY have to hurry to the theatre now.”

Friends: “We told you; we know a secret parking spot. It’ll be fine.”

(We arrive at the “secret parking spot.” It’s already occupied by another car.)

Friends: “What the heck? Where’d that guy come from?”

My Husband: “Guess someone else knows your secret.”

Friends: “Well, never mind; let’s just go find another spot.”

(The parking lot is packed.)

Friends: “Huh. Never thought it would be this busy.”

Me: “On the opening night of The Two Towers? Seriously?”

(We finally find another spot, and by some miracle, the movie isn’t sold out yet. For the rest of the evening, though, our friends couldn’t stop marveling that everything was so busy. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. This is the same couple that took their baby to Sears Portrait Studio for Christmas photos on December 23 and were shocked, SHOCKED, that they couldn’t get in without an appointment.)

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