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The Twist Is, They Knew The Twist All Along!

, , , | Right | September 30, 2020

A customer comes in wanting to return a small LED flashlight, the kind you twist to turn on and off.

Me: “I’d like to return this flashlight. It doesn’t work.”

Manager: “That’s fine. We’ll replace it for you.”

I turn to my coworker.

Me: “Go grab another one of these for her.”

The coworker grabs an identical flashlight and gives it to the customer. The customer leaves and the returned flashlight is marked as defective. Moments later, the same customer comes back into the store and approaches me at the counter with the replacement flashlight.

Customer: “I need to return this one, too. None of these flashlights work.”

Me: “Let me look at it.”

Customer: “It says, ‘twist to operate’, but I can’t get it to turn on.”

I inspect the flashlight for a moment, twisting it and seeing that she’s right. I unscrew the bulb part and see a small piece of paper covering the battery inside. Curious, I flip over the packaging and read the instructions: “To operate, remove protective film from battery, then twist.” I remove the film and turn the battery on.

Me: “There! All you had to do was remove that piece of film from the battery to make it work.”

Customer: *Pause* “I knew that.”

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