The Twilight Of Our Youth, Part 4

| Romantic | April 6, 2012

(My fiancé and I are sitting in the living room. We originally met on a ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ message board. We are at the end of a ‘If I turned into a _____, would you kill me?’ conversation.)

Fiancé: “Okay, fine. What if I was a vampire? Would you kill me?”

Me: *wryly* “Okay, are we talking Forever Knight vampire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer vampire, or…” *makes a face*Twilight vampire?”

Fiancé: *frowns* “…or? It sounded like you were going to give me a third choice. And why are you making that face?”

Me: “I did give you a third choice. I said…” *makes another face*Twilight”.

Fiancé: *sighs* “You did it again. You just stopped, made a face and trailed off.”

Me: “No, I said the same thing twice.”

Fiancé: “What was it?”

Me:Twilight. As in Twilight Princess.”

Fiancé: *laughs* “Oh! I only heard it in the Zelda context. I mentally block it out on its own now. To me it does not exist. And so you still only gave me two choices. Buffy vampire.”

Me: “I really love you. And yes. Yes, I would kill you.”

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