The Twilight Of Our Literacy, Part 3

| Bridgeport, OR, USA | Right | May 20, 2011

Customer: “Hello, do you have any of the new Twilight books?”

Me: “Yes, they’re over here.”

(I lead her to where they would be, but we appear to be sold out. This is strange as all copies were put up this morning.)

Me: “That’s strange. We seem to be out of stock. Can I interest you in anything else?”

Customer: “Ugh, fine. What about this one?”

(They point towards ‘Harry Potter’.)

Me: “Oh, that’s a great book! It’s about a boy who becomes a wizard and-”

Customer: “Are there any werewolves?”

Me: “I think so. I haven’t read them in a while.”

(The customer grabs the entire series of ‘Harry Potter’ and leaves. As I’m about to return to my workstation, two teens run up to me, high-five each other, and tell me they hid all 70 copies of ‘Twilight’ in the ceiling when no one was looking. Although impressed, I have to report them to my manager. After doing so, my manager gives them each a $10 gift card.)


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  • Kat

    While I have my doubts about this story, I could see me and my friends doing this when we were in high school. And there were indeed werewolves in Harry Potter. Not like the ones in Twilight, though.

    • Kalu-chan

      (As I for some reason always see the need to point out) That might just be because there are no werewolves in Twilight. There are shapeshifters, and at some point werewolves are mentioned, but said to be extinct.
      Idk, it just bothers me when people hate on Twilight for having the “wrong” werewolves. Hate on it for any reason you please, while I have to admit I used to be a huge Twilight fangirl, I know the books aren’t too great. But use a real reason! xD

      • Christina Veronica Larsson

        I also enjoyed Twilight when I read the books and basically pictured it however I wanted and wasn’t faced with some of the… “acting.” I actually found Stephanie’s ideas about how she wanted Vampires to be neat, because it was something that hadn’t been done before. And, as you pointed out, they did explain that Jacob’s tribe were not “werewolves,” just shapeshifters.

        I can understand a lot of people not liking the stories, but I think it just became trendy to hate on Twilight and people will just rip on it for no reason. Heck, I enjoy making fun of it, but some people straight-up destroy it for, as you said, fake reasons.