The Twilight Of Our Fashion

, , , , | Friendly | May 24, 2018

(I’m on the train on the way to meet up with some friends. It’s around the time that Twilight is really popular. As I stand to get ready to get off, there’s a teenage girl glaring at me because of the shirt I’m wearing. As I move closer to the door she comes up to me.)

Girl: “Why would you wear that? It isn’t funny.”

Me: “Yeah, it is.”

(She turns to a teen boy she’s with.)

Girl: “[Boy], tell her that it’s a terrible shirt.”

(He looks at my shirt, starts laughing, and gives me a fist bump.)

Boy: “That’s the best s*** I’ve seen in a long time.”

(The girl walked off in a huff. I got off the train and went about my day with my friends, two of whom had the same shirt. What did my shirt say? “Then Buffy staked Edward. The End.”)

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