The Truth Is On Parole

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(In the state where I live, minors cannot sell alcohol, so we have to call over a supervisor when customers come through with it. Unfortunately, many customers get infuriated when I say I’m a minor, so I’ve come up with a new method, which I’ve used on multiple occasions, to keep the peace. Below is an actual account of one of those occasions.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but a supervisor will have to come over to scan your vodka.”

Customer: “Why’s that?”

Me: “It’s in violation of my parole to handle alcohol.”

Customer: “Seriously?”

Me: “Yeah, I can’t touch it until I’m 25.”

Customer: “I’m sorry, man. That sucks. I’ll wait for your supervisor.”

(A few seconds pass.)

Customer: “Was it for driving?”

Me: “No.”

Customer: “Well, it’s a good thing you can’t touch it; that’ll save you money. If you don’t mind me asking, what was it for?”

(At this point the supervisor showed up and sold the alcohol. The man left, still thinking I was on parole. I told my supervisor what happened and we laughed about it.)

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