The Truth Hurts

, , , | Learning | July 23, 2019

(I have just been elected Shop Steward in my local union, so I have been sent to a Shop Steward training class. This happens shortly after class begins.)

Instructor: “Can anyone tell me what you need to do in order to successfully negotiate with a company?”

(I look around the room. I really don’t want to be the first person to speak up, but I can see everyone else drawing blanks. As a side note, I am a fairly cynical person and have a somewhat jaundiced view of most of humanity. Reluctantly, I put up my hand.)

Instructor: “Yes, [My Name]?”

Me: “You need to be able to hurt them.”

Instructor: *making a sour face* “We weren’t supposed to get to that right away.”

Me: “But that’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it?”

Instructor: “Yes. You must have some form of leverage.”

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