The True Meaning Of Being American

, , | Right | November 21, 2018

(I work tech support in the US. I have a slight accent, but was raised in the US and have a degree from a US university.)

Me: “Good morning. [Company] technical support. How can I help you?”

Caller: “Are you in the US?”

Me: “Excuse me? We are a US company.”

Caller: “Yeah, but are you one of those Indian vendors? You are, aren’t you? I can tell you have an accent.”

(For the record, my accent is French.)

Me: “Ma’am, we are a US company, no subcontractors. I assure you I am working from the US.”

Caller: “Bulls***! This is why our country is going to Hell: because greedy little f***s like you are stealing all the American jobs. You aren’t even competent! You haven’t helped at all!”

Me: “Well, ma’am, perhaps if you would tell me what your problem is, I could help you.”

(The call degenerates from here, and she demands to speak to my manager… who is full-blood Navajo and also speaks with a slight accent.)

Manager: “Good morning. Can I help you?”

(I only heard screaming from the phone, obscenities, and yelling that he was not American. He hung up after getting documentation of her racist tirade.)

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