The True Horror Is The Consistency

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(My dad and I are watching a horror movie on Netflix. I’m not really fond of horror movies and I have a habit of talking during shows. I pause when the characters run out of gas.)

Dad: “They ran out of gas.”

Me: “Did she even check the gas mileage?”

Dad: “She’s just like your mom. She just takes off and goes without checking.”

Me: “They were at a town. A perfect time to get gas and go to the restroom.”

Dad: “I think they’re in the middle of the road.”

Me: “No, they’re on the side of the road.”

(I play the movie and a few minutes later, a weird noise is coming up. I pause it.)

Me: “Did they even hear that noise?”

Dad: “Yeah, that’s why they’re leaving.”

(I play the movie when the three leads start running and one character just trips and falls down.)

Me: “Oh, you tripped over nothing.”

Dad: “Not even halfway through the movie and she’s already injured.”

Me: “Lady, you’re not even wearing high heels.” *plays the movie*

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