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The Trick To Teaching

| Learning | September 22, 2015

(It’s the basketball unit in gym class, and we’re starting to learn how to shoot the ball correctly so we can make a basket pretty accurately. I’m partnered up with two of my friends, who are good at basketball. Note: During this unit, the gym teacher said NO TRICK SHOTS.)

Friend #1: “Dude, this is boring! Let’s make some trick shots!”

Friend #2: “Okay!”

(My friends start doing some trick shots, and eventually start teaching me some of the basic ones, when our teacher walks up to us.)

Teacher: “What did I say about trick shots?”

Me: “Sorry, sir…”

Teacher: “Stay here after class.”

(We stay after class, and the gym teacher is holding a basketball.)

Teacher: “What were you doing?”

Friend #2: *names off trick shots*

Teacher: “Well… if you’re gonna break the rules, do it the right way.”

(The gym teacher then proceeded to show us how to improve the trick shots, and showed us a few more, much to the amazement of my friends and me. To this day, I still remember the trick shots the teacher taught us.)

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