The Tree Is Infested With Book Worms

| Related | December 3, 2015

(I’m twelve years old, and my mom and stepdad move to a very, very rural house surrounded by forest. I am a complete bookworm and not a kid who likes to go outside in cold weather. It’s currently March, so still quite chilly and with melting snow everywhere. Mom eventually gets fed up with me reading my stack of Calvin and Hobbes books on the couch all day:)

Mom: “Will you go the heck outside and play!”

(I get bundled up, wander around the edge of the woods for about ten minutes, then spy a tree just barely in the forest itself. It has lots of low, straight branches for easy climbing and a huge, almost flat branch that after a climb up, I can sit quite comfortably on, and even better, a flat fork in a nearby branch that could balance a couple of books. Seeing the perfect solution, I sneak back in the house, grab the books, climb the tree with them, put the stack in the tree, lean back on the branch, and resume reading. About an hour later, Mom comes by. I brace myself for getting yelled at again.)

Mom: *makes the posture where she’s ready to yell at you, then doubles over and starts laughing*

Me: “So… uh… am I in trouble now?”

Mom: “Oh, god, this is too precious! Don’t move!”

(She runs off to the house still laughing. A minute later she returns with her camera.)

Me: “Wait, what?”

Mom: *snaps a bunch of pictures* “I guess you CAN read all day, then… OUTSIDE!”

(12 years later, she still has and still laughs over those pictures!)

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