The Transaction Dipped But It’s Getting Better

, , , , | Right | July 10, 2018

(I am the stupid customer in this one. On my way home from driving my wife to work, I decide to stop for food at a well-known international restaurant chain.)

Cashier: *to me as I look at the menu* “Hi there. What can I get you?”

Me: “Hi… um… Could I get a…” *glancing at menu* “…[Meal that comes with a choice of dip], please?”

Cashier: “Large?”

Me: “Please.”

Cashier: “Which drink would you like?”

Me: “Could I have a [Drink], please?”

Cashier: “And which dip?”

Me: “That’s a [Drink].”

Cashier: “Pardon? Which dip, sir?”

Me: “Oh! Sorry! I thought you said drink! Uh, no dip, please.”

(The cashier types in my order and I grin at what just happened.)

Cashier: “That’s [price], sir.”

(I reach into my pocket and get out the money.)

Me: “Wouldn’t taste nice if I dipped my food in [Drink], now, would it?”

Cashier: *laughing* “Not really, no!”

Me: “It would be a bit soggy!”

Cashier: *laughing still* “Yes, it would!”

Me: “I’ve made your day now, haven’t I?”

Cashier: “Yes, sir!” *she smiles*

Me: “Better than people coming in here swearing at you!”

Cashier: “Oh, totally!”

(I ate my meal and DIDN’T dip any of it in my drink! My head must have been elsewhere when she took my order. Still, I’m glad I could brighten up her day!)

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