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The Tracking Is Lacking

, , , | Right | June 27, 2020

I work in a call centre, taking calls to track parcels and log complaints when deliveries don’t run smoothly. Occasionally, we’ll take calls where the tracking states a parcel has been delivered when the recipient hasn’t received it yet.

Me: “Good morning, you’re through to [My Name]. How can I help?”

Customer: “I need to track a parcel that I was meant to be receiving?”

Me: “Certainly. Can I take the tracking reference, please, sir?”

The customer reads out the reference.

Me: “Okay, according to our tracking, it actually says that your order was delivered a few days ago. I’m sorry about this. Have we left you any cards to say you have missed a delivery? Perhaps it was a mis-scan; it could be that the delivery person pressed ‘delivered’ instead of ‘no answer’ by mistake.”

Customer: “No, but I did get a delivery a few days ago, actually.”

Me: *Pause* “Right, well, this delivery would have been on Wednesday?”

Customer: “Yes! I did get a delivery on Wednesday!”

Me: “Okay… So, do you have another tracked parcel that you’re still waiting for?”

Customer: “Yes, I do, hang on… The reference is…”

The customer reads the same reference.

Me: “Sir, that appears to be the same parcel.”

Customer: “Oh! I’ll try that again.”

The customer reads the same reference again.

Me: “I’m sorry about this; that is the reference for the item that has been delivered. How many parcels are you waiting for, sir?”

Customer: “Oh, just the internet router from [Internet provider], but that is currently sat on the floor of my living room.”

Me: “So, you aren’t expecting any other parcels to be delivered?”

Customer: “No, I’ve got everything. I’m just waiting for [Internet provider] to come and install the router next week.”

Me: “Oh, okay… so… you aren’t waiting for any parcels to be delivered?”

Customer: “No, that’s everything. Thanks for your help!”

Me: “You’re welcome?”