The Tooth Is, This Employee Is Acting Like A Child

| Washington, DC, USA | Working | April 7, 2013

(My dentist is a pediatric dentist who will continue to see any existing patients up until they’re 21. I am 19 and have been a patient for 10 years, so the staff all know who I am. One day, a receptionist I don’t recognize answers the phone.)

Me: “Hi, I need to schedule an appointment.”

Receptionist: “Is this for your son or daughter?”

Me: “Well, it’s for me.”

Receptionist: “Um, how old are you, ma’am?”

Me: “I’m 19, but—”

Receptionist: “I can’t schedule you. This is a pediatric dentist; we only treat children.”

Me: “Oh. Has the policy changed?”

Receptionist: “We’ve always been a pediatric dentist.”

Me: “I know that, but—”

Receptionist: “So, you’ll have to call an ordinary dentist.”

Me: “But I’m already a patient—”

Receptionist: “Look, ma’am, this is a PEDIATRIC dentist’s office! Our patients are children! You’re not a child!”

Me: “But the doctor sees existing patients over 18. Can I just give you my name and you can look up my file? I’m already a patient.”

Receptionist: “Are you understanding ANYTHING I’ve told you? WE DO NOT SEE ADULT PATIENTS. I’m going to have to ask you to hang up and not call here again.”

Me: “Look, are [other receptionists I know by name] there? They know I’m a patient, unless you changed your policies and didn’t notify anyone.”

Receptionist: “I’ve been working here for a month. I think I know what I’m doing!”

Me: “Please, my name is [name]. Could you PLEASE just take a second and look me up in your system? I swear to you I’m already a patient, and I’m positive [doctor] will still see me since I’ve been a patient for 10 years.”

Receptionist: “God, what aren’t you understanding here? We don’t see adult patients!”

Me: “Is there someone else I can talk to?”

Receptionist: “Talking to another receptionist won’t change anything!”

(The next receptionist knew who I was and scheduled me without any problems. Thankfully, that receptionist was fired before my appointment!)

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