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The “Tired” Jokes Practically Write Themselves

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My only retail job was at a big box department store. This was the most fearful night of the year: Black Friday. There was a policy that if someone said an item was on sale and the price difference was less than $5, we gave them the discount.

One customer came through my line with a small tire. I didn’t even know we had those. It rang up as $54.

Customer: “It’s only supposed to be $5!”

She quickly showed me a photo of an empty display with a $5 tag. I called a floor person, who came up, and I explained. He heard “$5” and started to give the customer $5 off.

Me: “No, she’s saying this $54 item is $5.”

He froze for a moment. Then, he called a coworker on his radio and quickly reported back.

Floor Employee: “Not on sale.”

The customer didn’t take the tire and continued to complain. The floor person later apologized.

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