The Times, They Are A-Changing (Tables)

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(A customer holding her baby approaches me at the help desk.)

Customer: “I just asked my husband to go change the baby’s diaper in the restroom, and he said there was no changing table in the men’s room.”

Me: “Well, ma’am—“

(She cuts me off.)

Customer: “I mean, it’s the twenty-first century; men are parents, too. Parenting is a partnership. This isn’t the 1950s.”

Me: “Ma’am, we—“

Customer: “I just think it’s really embarrassing that a store like yours is still enforcing these gender stereotypes, and it’s not fair to only have a changing table in the women’s restroom. I mean, come on! Get with the times!”

Me: *finally getting a word in* “Ma’am, there is a changing table in the men’s restroom.”

(The customer stares at me, looking confused, for a moment.)

Customer: “Then why did my husband say there wasn’t one?”

Me: “I don’t know. Maybe he just didn’t want to change the baby?”

(She thinks for a moment and it dawns on her. Suddenly, her frustrated expression turns angry.)

Customer: “Thank you. I’m going to go find my husband now.”

(And with that, she stormed off. I guess she’s living in the twenty-first century, but her husband has some catching up to do.)

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