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The Thrill Of Rejection

| Romantic | March 5, 2015

(I’ve just arrived at work and decide to buy myself a drink and snack before I clock-in.)

Coworker: “Your total is $2.80.”

Me: *holding up card* “Debit, please.”

(The guy in line behind me taps me on the shoulder.)

Guy: “I’ll pay for your stuff, miss. It seems silly for you to run your card for less than $3.”

Me: *smiling* “That’s sweet but I’ve got it.”

(My coworker processes the transaction then hands me the receipt. As I start to walk toward the back to clock in, the guy grabs my arm.)

Guy: “Would you like to go out some time?”

Me: *jerking my arm away* “I don’t like being grabbed. And I have a boyfriend so that’s a no.”

Guy: *scoffs* “Oh, come on! I just tried to buy your stuff for you! The least you could do is give me the time of day!”

Me: “Eh, buddy, I already said I’ve got a boyfriend. Get lost.”

Guy: “Just give me your number! I could give you a good thrill!” *waggles eyebrows suggestively*

Me: *rolls eyes* “You really want a good thrill?”

Guy: “Yeah! Now you get it!”

Me: “Yeah, sure. If you want a good thrill, go stick your d*** in a light socket!”

(The guy turned bright red and sputtered a bit before storming out of the store. My coworker laughed like a maniac then called me ‘demented.’)

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