The Thorny Issue Of Christmas Gifts

| Romantic | December 25, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are pretty strapped for cash. It is a few weeks before Christmas time. We are discussing not giving gifts in an effort to save money.)

Me: “You could give me a stick, and as long as it came from you with love, I’d be happy.”

(Shortly after, we go through some drama so I’m really not too thrilled with him, but we eventually work things out. We talk again at Christmas, where he hands me a large box.)

Me: “I thought we had said…”

Boyfriend: “Just open it.”

(Inside is a branch of a rose bush, with thorns, all wrapped up in beautiful red and gold ribbons. There is also a card.)

Boyfriend’s Card: “This is to remind us that love can be difficult, and even hurt sometimes, but is still beautiful and worth the effort. Also, you can hit me with it.”

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