The Terrifying Twos

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(I’m writing an essay on ghosts. I feel they can explained through scientific methods and decide to ask if my family ever had any experiences with this.)

Me: “Did anyone ever have encounters with ghosts? Like moving objects, orbs, or apparitions?”

Mum: “I didn’t, but you used to sit in the corner of the living room talking to [My Sister who died at the age of five] and [My Uncle who got hit by a car at twelve].”

(I should mention that I didn’t know either of them since I was not born early enough to know them and I had never seen any pictures of them.)

Me: “When was this?”

Mum: “When you were four or five.”

Me: “I guess I could use this as a personal experience.”

(I start to walk out the room.)

Mum: “That’s not even the worst bit.”

Me: “…”

Mum: “You looked at me at one point and asked “will I die when I’m twelve?” Since you have the same name.”

Me: “…”

(I knew I was strange as a child, but never expected to be that morbid as well.)

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