The Terrible Twos On Caffeine

| Friendly | January 14, 2016

(On Facebook an acquaintance has been complaining about her two-year-old daughter.)

Acquaintance: “[Daughter] is so hyperactive, I can’t get her to have an afternoon nap or even get her to sleep at a reasonable hour at night. I don’t know what to do. She just runs around getting into everything.”

(A few days later she posts a picture on Facebook.)

Acquaintance: “Our afternoon treat: coffee with [daughter].”

Me: “You are joking, right? That’s not really coffee that [Daughter] drinking, is it?”

Acquaintance: “Yes, but she only has a half a teaspoon of coffee. It’s our daily treat.”

Me: “And you wonder why she’s so hyperactive? Don’t you realise how bad it is for children, especially a two-year-old? They can’t process caffeine like adults.”

Acquaintance: “But it’s only half a teaspoon.”

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