The Tent-Pole Of This Relationship

| Romantic | September 26, 2013

(The camp I work at starts each day with crafts. I am working with a group of six and seven year olds. The little girl sitting next to me taps me on the shoulder.)

Girl: “[My name], [Boy #1] and [Boy #2] are kissing when you’re not looking.”

(I sneak a glance over, and the two boys are indeed kissing each other.)

Me: “Boys, stop kissing each other. We don’t do stuff like that at camp.”

Boy #1: “But we’re allowed to kiss! We’re both boys, so it’s okay!”

Boy #2: “Yeah! Because it’s only practice for when we’re 15 and have girlfriends to kiss!”

Girl: “Or boyfriends!”

Boy #2: *thinks for a moment* “Yeah, but by the time I would find a real boyfriend, we wouldn’t have to kiss at camp because we’d have a tent. So it’s okay to practice now, because I would never want to actually date [Boy #1]!”

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