The Teacher’s Demands Are Not Final (Fantasy)

| CO, USA | Learning | September 28, 2014

(My teacher doesn’t believe in giving extra credit to students who want it just to pass. When they ask for it, he gives them crazy requirements for them to earn it. Note: He’s also a giant nerd and doesn’t hide it.)

Student: “Is there anyway for me to get extra credit so I can pass?”

Teacher: “[Student], you’re so far down the hole right now you need all the help you can get. Go tame a Chocobo, befriend a Yoshi, and find an Elder Scroll, and you may have enough help to pass this class.”

(The next class she comes in with a plush Chocobo and Yoshi, and a replica of an Elder Scroll.)

Teacher: *without any surprise when he sees her* “Good. Put the same effort into this catch up packet here and you have a chance of passing.” *hands her a thick stack of papers*

(Apparently she did, because she passed!)

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