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The Teacher Became A Whole Different Person

| Learning | August 28, 2014

(I’m about seven, and my brother is a year older. We look very alike, and both our names start with the same letter. My parents get home from parents’ evening with my teacher, who’s been picking on me since term started a couple months ago. My mum looks outraged, my dad near laughing.)

Brother: “How was it?”

Mum: “Your teacher was fine. You just need to go over your reading book more at home. But, [My Name]’s teacher—”

(She’s cut off as Dad starts laughing.)

Dad: “She started going on and on about how you don’t pay attention in class, don’t use your full potential, and just as your mother is about to argue with her she says ‘it’s no wonder he had to repeat the year!'”

(Dad starts laughing again.)

Mum: “That stupid cow thought you were [Brother]! Moaning about kids not paying attention and she doesn’t even notice you’re a different person!”

(That teacher suddenly became a whole lot nicer to me in class!)

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