The Tax Office Will Always Get You Somehow

, , , , | Working | November 24, 2019

(My husband and I are joint owners with another couple of a new restaurant/takeaway. I also work a day job at the local council tax office so I don’t work at the restaurant all the time. As the other owner’s wife doesn’t have another job, she will works at the restaurant while I do the background work. I only work at the restaurant when needed. We have hired a new delivery driver. While I’m working a restaurant shift one night, the driver keeps ringing the takeaway phone and complaining about what a s*** job I am doing. He keeps lying about addresses being wrong — even though I checked on Google Maps — and not being able to read my handwriting. I let this slide as he is a fast worker. The very next day, the driver comes into the council tax office with a friend. My colleague is the one who deals with him. All the while, he is b****ing about me to his friend. My colleague asks him where he works and he says he works at [Restaurant]. He then proceeds to tell my colleague what a s*** job the “new waitress” is doing. As our desks are divided to give customers privacy, I can’t see the customer from my desk.)

Colleague: “Hey, [My Name], don’t you own [Restaurant].” 

Me: “Yes, why?”

Colleague: “This guy works for you.” 

(I got up and leaned over to see who he was talking about. The colour drained from the driver’s face. I have never seen anyone move as fast as he did.)

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