The Task Is Off-Color

| Euless, TX, USA | Romantic | January 2, 2015

(My boyfriend has just recently moved in with me. This conversation takes place via phone while he’s at home and I’m out running errands.)

Boyfriend: “Can the blankets go straight into the washer?”

Me: “The red and white ones? The white one is 100% wool, so it can’t go into the washer.”

Boyfriend: “What about the gold one?”

Me: “The red and gold one can go into the washer. But don’t put the white one in.”

Boyfriend: “What white one?”

Me: “We’re talking about the blankets on the bed, right?”

Boyfriend: “Yes.”

Me: “So, the white one is wool and can’t be washed.”

Boyfriend: “Do you mean the gold one?”

Me: “What gold one? The white one is the blanket you sleep with. The one with the satin edging.”

Boyfriend: “So the gold one can’t be washed, but the purple one can?”

Me: “…I forgot you’re color blind.”

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