The Tale Has Gone Down Into Legend

, , , , , | Right | October 24, 2019

(My family is attending a live outdoor performance where actors play roles from Arthurian myth in a silly way. One character makes a mildly bawdy joke.) 

Younger Brother: *nice and loud; the kid has NO filter* “Daddy, what does that mean?”

Dad: *also loud: it comes naturally* “I’ll tell you later, son.” 

(A few people chuckle, the show goes on, and we think that’s it. Next year we are back, same show, same cast.) 

King Arthur: “Sir Lancelot! Guard Queen Guinevere as though she were your own love!” 

(The audience has a good laugh at this.) 

King Arthur: “Wait, what is happening? Why are you all laughing? Merlin! What does this mean?” 

Merlin: “I shall tell thee later, sire.” 

(My family missed the next few lines because we were laughing too hard. No idea if it was just a coincidence or if they actually remembered us, but it definitely made our day!)

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