The T-Shirt That Never Comes

| Working | August 2, 2013

(I am purchasing a Metallica t-shirt. I am a 23-year-old female, but I look much younger.)

Cashier: “A Metallica shirt? Aren’t you looking for a Bieber shirt?”

Me: “Eew. No. I listen to Metallica.”

Cashier: “I doubt that.”

Me: “I don’t really care. Just let me buy my shirt.”

Cashier: “You’re too young to be listening to Metallica, little girl.”

Me: “First off, why do you care what I listen to? Second, I’m a 23-year-old woman. Just let me buy my shirt.”

Cashier: “I bet you can’t name five songs.”

Me: “If I do, will you let me buy my shirt?”

Cashier: “I bet you can’t.”

Me: “‘Battery,’ ‘Ain’t My B****,’ ‘Seek and Destroy,’ ‘One,’ and ‘Through the Never.’ And guess what? Those are all on different albums. ‘Battery’ is from Master of Puppets, ‘Ain’t My B***’ is from Load, ‘Seek and Destroy’ is from Kill ‘Em All, ‘One’ is from And Justice for All, and ‘Through the Never’ is from The Black Album. Give me my shirt, and let me talk to your manager.”

(I buy my shirt, and the manager gives me 25% off for my trouble with his idiot cashier.)

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