The System Must Be Too Close To A Microwave

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I’ve recently bought a new home and, since it’s missing a fridge, my roommate and I decide to just go ahead and buy all new kitchen appliances, as there is a great sale on at the time. We get everything scheduled for delivery and have zero issues, except for the microwave, which we are told would be available for pickup in a couple of weeks. No big deal, credit card swiped, and we’re good to go!

The pickup day arrives and I don’t receive any contact that the microwave is ready for pickup, so just to be sure, I go back and check the information on the email receipt. The date we were given at the time of purchase was July 20th, but the pickup date on the receipt is August 8th!

Okay, my bad, I should have checked it when I got it. I call the company and explain what happened.

Me: “Is there anything available sooner? I apologize for not noticing the date on the receipt before, but the original date we were given was July 20th.”

The representative is very nice.

Representative #1: “I can actually change the microwave to delivery at no charge and have it to you by July 23rd!”

I thank her and quickly get an email confirming that date and a morning arrival.

July 23rd comes and the morning starts to creep by with no delivery call ahead. I check my email. Sitting in my inbox is a message telling me to “please set an appointment” to deliver the microwave. Now I’m getting annoyed, but I call again.

[Representative #2] is much less helpful, giving me the runaround while I just want answers and a microwave, but we finally get another delivery date set for August 10th. Irritated, but happy to just have something set, I hang up and receive another email confirming that appointment.

Then, about an hour later, I get another email telling me to call and schedule an appointment. Now, I’m really frustrated. I call again, and while I’m on hold, the computer guide greets me.

Computer Guide: “Thank you for being an Elite member!”

Me: *Without thinking* “I don’t feel like a f****** Elite member!”

The computer happily replies that it has extended the duration on a $5 coupon I have that has expired. Yay? Sorry for yelling at you, Computer.

Finally, [Representative #3] answers, and I explain to him the whole silly back-and-forth situation and defeatedly ask if there are any stores in a three-hour radius that has this microwave available for pickup, because I just want to move on with my life. He checks and there are actually two available at the store where I originally made my purchase — the one that gave me a receipt with a date of August 8th.

He sets one aside for me and I pick up my last appliance that evening, three days after the original quote date, but weeks before the receipt date, and with no answers as to why any of this confusion happened in the first place.

I’ve never had this sort of issue with this company before, but it’s definitely colored my opinion going forward, at least for anything involving setting an appointment, because their system apparently just likes to delete things and make up dates at random!

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