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The Sweet Taste Of Parenting

| Related | May 31, 2017

(I, my husband, and my child stop to grab groceries for dinner. We’re checking out using the self-serve checkouts when a woman being served in the checkout beside the SCO, which is a ‘confectionery free’ register, begins yelling at the cashier. There are signs above a few registers that indicate there are no lollies or chocolates sold there.)

Woman: “I want your manager now!”

(The cashier signals for the manager and they come over.)

Manager: “What can I help with?”

(The woman is irate at this point and I’m very keen as to why, so even though I can’t avoid the situation because she was yelling so loudly, I listen closely.)

Woman: “I want you to tell me why this is a confectionery free checkout but there is clearly chocolate right there!”

(She points to a couple of small stands that are in front of the self serve checkouts, in proximity to but not directly in front of the register.)

Manager: “Ma’am, those stands are in front of our SCO. They are not on display for this register.”

Woman: “I don’t care! My kid has seen them now. What I supposed to do?”

(At this point, I’m ready to have a go at her. So I do.)

Me: “Um, you’re supposed to say no and parent your own kid instead of placing that responsibility on retail workers. Get over it, lady. You’re embarrassing yourself.”

(She stopped talking and carrying on after that, and her husband had a laugh and a smile on his face. I also said to the attendant that it’s crazy how entitled some people are, loud enough so that the woman could hear me.)

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