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The Sweet Smell Of Making Things Right

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: skeptical32 | July 2, 2021

I work for a large department store. From time to time, we don’t have a product that someone wants. We can order it for them, and normally, it’s free shipping.

Customer: “Hi. I just received some luggage that I ordered, and it got totally destroyed in transit. Can I bring it in for a refund or an exchange if I can find anything I like?”

Me: “Of course! Please bring it in. Just remember to bring your receipt with you; it’ll make the transaction much quicker and easier.”

When I come off my meal break, she is there and looking at other pieces.

Coworker: “This is your customer with the messed-up luggage.”

Me: “Thank you.” *To the customer* “Can I please have your receipt and the details of your purchase?”

After she gives me those things, the customer starts looking at other pieces and I start the inspection process. I kid you not, this luggage smells like someone tried to smuggle a baby shark in it. It smells so bad I almost puke in the case. I wrap it up, type up the information, and put the luggage in the back far away from me.

The woman is so nice and I feel terrible for her. I help her find two new pieces of luggage and she buys some other travel items. Even with the return, she spends $106 with some change to our local charity adding to $107. She is so happy with our customer service she actually expresses it.

Customer: “I was so upset that my stuff came in so crappy, but you made me feel so much better. And you helped me find some great deals!”

I have had grumpy people, but this lady made my day.

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