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The Surly Sound Of Silence

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: MasonJarOfNickels | September 15, 2022

I’m working in a restaurant. A guy in his thirties comes in and gets put in my section. The only words I say during his entire time at the table are, “Hello, sir, my name is [My Name]. What can I get you to drink?”

The guy proceeds to give me his drink order and food order.

Customer: “Bring me a box and a to-go [dessert] when you bring my meal, along with the check.”

Neither of us speaks another word during the entire time he is at the table. He camps out for a bit, which I don’t care about. He is reading over a stack of papers, just chilling.

I am at the host stand when he leaves. He comes up and asks me for my name again.

Customer: “I like you. You actually know when to shut the f*** up. I’ll see you next time, [My Name].”

I guess I’ll see if he asks for me the next time he comes in. He tipped like 30%, too, so that was cool.

Everyone who I know and have told this story to finds it hilarious because I’m a freaking chatterbox. I go hoarse nearly every month because I just talk and talk and talk.

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