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The Sun Shines Bright Upon The Passive-Aggressive

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I am out with some friends at a restaurant’s patio. Our table has an umbrella that is slightly shading us from the hot sun.

We order our drinks first and we all chat with each other. The waitress comes to take our food order, but none of us are hungry. She looks surprised, but she takes our menus and leaves. 

Soon after, the manager comes by and starts rolling down the umbrella. I think he is adjusting it for us, but as he keeps rolling it down, the sun fully hits my face and we realize he is taking it away. He somehow looks surprised that by taking away the umbrella, the sun is fully shining on us. He leaves with this one and places it two tables down at another table where the customers are ordering food.

Manager: “I’ll try to get you another umbrella.”

My friends and I glance at each other, but we hope that he will, indeed, bring us another one. The waitress comes by again to ask how we’ll be splitting the bill. We tell her.

Us: “Can we also have a new umbrella, please?”

Waitress: “I’ll go ask the manager.”

She comes by shortly again, but it’s to give us our bill. We aren’t even done with our first drinks yet.

At this point, we decide to just cut our losses and leave. 

I understand the need for customer turnover, but we would have been happy to order food or more drinks — as we were planning to — had they mentioned it to us. Instead, we received passive-aggressive service.

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