The Sum Of All Tiers

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This is during the health crisis. I need to get my glasses adjusted as they keep sliding down my face; they won’t stay up and it’s annoying me to death. My dad comes with me. We’re both wearing a mask. I read the sign which asks people to stay back from the counter about five feet and wait for someone to come, so we do just that.

A woman comes over, and she stays five feet back from the counter on her side even with plexiglass on it. She’s got a type of shield mask on.

Woman: “How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, um, I need to get my glasses adjusted. They keep falling off my face and I’d love to get them fixed. I haven’t since the crisis started. Thanks.”

She huffs like it’s a huge deal and walks away. She sprays alcohol on her hands, puts gloves on, and sprays more alcohol on. She walks over and motions for my glasses. I step forward and she yells.


I freeze and cautiously take my glasses off and set them down.

Me: “Um… okay.”

We sit there for a good thirty seconds of silence with her doing nothing.

Woman: “So, what do you want me to do?” 

I stare, slack-jawed. Before I can react, my dad steps in.

Dad: “We want you to adjust her glasses, thank you.”

She rolls her eyes and sprays my glasses down with alcohol and alcohol spray. She walks over to adjust them. After a few minutes of my dad talking about video games, she returns. She sets the glasses on the table and sprays them down again.

Woman: “There, anything else?” 

Dad & Me: “No. Thank you.”

I grabbed my glasses; she backed away like I was sick and nearly screamed in disgust or fear. I cleaned my glasses once we got into the truck. My dad was fuming mad; she was an older lady but I had my mask on correctly over my nose, as did my dad.

The glasses weren’t fixed, either; they fell down worse than before. I haven’t been back there since, and from what I’ve heard, she’s no longer working there.

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