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The Stupid Stuperoo

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Due to my obsessive nature, I always follow the procedure of putting money on top of the till drawer — directly under the camera — and if a customer ever says they have different money, I keep my hands still and against the money that is already in the drawer.

I had a customer try to pull the old “change changeroo” on me. They reached over themselves and took back the fifty note they’d given me, and then they tried to claim I’d taken it and put it in the drawer, even though I hadn’t handed them any change yet.

I always balanced my till exactly every night and often had my float — the set amount of money you start your shift with — bundled away before lunchtime. We gave them the choice of taking the change I said they were owed or waiting while we counted my till.

We counted my till and, lo and behold, it was perfectly balanced, as always. This was in my first couple of months working there, and I’m glad I’m so obsessive.

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