The Sticky Sound Of Silence

| Related | July 25, 2013

(We are at the end of a long, long family road trip, driving back to Nova Scotia, the province we live in. My four-year-old brother and I are annoying our parents a lot.)

Mom: “Why don’t you two play the ‘quiet game’ until we reach the sign that says we are in Nova Scotia?”

(We agree to do so, and both fall silent. My brother decides to try to get me to say something.)

Brother: *starts licking gummy bears, and sticking them to the hot leather seats*

Me: *silent*

Brother: *starts sticking the gummy bear on my face and in my hair*

Me: *horrified, but still silent*

(I wave to get my parents’ attention, but they’re loving the silence in the back seat. We finally enter Nova Scotia.)

Me: “Mom! Mom! [Brother] is sticking gummy bears on me and the car!”

Mom: “What? Why didn’t you say anything?”

Me: “Because then I would lose the game! I didn’t want to lose!”

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