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The State Of California Maybe Has A Point

, , , , | Legal | September 20, 2019

(A friend of mine in high school has an older brother who is 1) legally blind and 2) completely lacking in fear or common sense. His vision is such that the center of his field of view is black, so he can only see out of the edges of his eyes. He manages to ride bicycles and such okay, although he has had a few close calls. When he moves to California, he buys a used motorcycle. He is riding it and gets pulled over by a cop for speeding.)

Cop: “May I see your license, please?”

Brother: “The good state of California didn’t see fit to give a blind man a license, officer.”

(Yeah, he ended up getting hauled down to the station for that one. Got charged with reckless endangerment. But he had a snappy comeback!)

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