The Squeal Ordeal Has Some Appeal

| Learning | June 1, 2013

(It’s my senior year, and we’re partnered up to dissect a fetal pig. It’s grading day, and my partner and I are showing our pig to the teacher.)

Teacher: “Very good; this is A work.”

Partner: “So, we’re done?”

Teacher: “Yes, you can clean up now.”

Partner: “Awesome! I’ve been waiting to do this since we first cut the little sucker!”

(My partner removes the heart from our pig, and starts walking around the classroom, squeezing the heart and making “ha-doom” sounds. The teacher and I just stand there and watch him.)

Me: “This won’t affect my grade, will it?”

Teacher: “[My name], you just earned yourself a perfect score for having to put up with him for the last three weeks.”

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