The Spite At The End Of The Tunnel

| | Right | June 26, 2009

(I’ve had a migraine all day on the job at the grocery store. I am making a valiant effort to fake it just a little longer, when…)

Customer: “You look too happy.”

Me: “Well, I’m–”

Customer: “I can fix that.”

(The customer proceeds to pull out something from her purse and shine a very bright light in my eyes. I take several steps back in pain.)

Customer: “There! I told you we could fix that!”

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  • Nerdman51

    Would have smacked her so hard in the face that she never would look happy again. Migraine isn’t funny.

    • Cerys Robinson

      I’d have been more inclined to puke on her.

      • Helge Pharrherr

        And then have her charged for assault, which this clearly is.