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The Special Of The Day Is Bad Service

, , , , | Working | October 7, 2021

One evening, about a dozen of us went to a specialty burger place to celebrate a friend’s birthday. This place offered a range of burgers but also had daily specials; it was a pork and chorizo burger that day. I quite liked the sound of that, so I ordered it and a side of cornbread while everybody else had the “standard” burgers.

About thirty minutes later, the food started arriving, but somehow the waitress ended up with an extra chicken burger, with no sign of my pork and chorizo burger in sight. Her response to this was to shout, “Chicken burger!” at the side of the table with growing frustration. When everyone else was plated except me, I talked to her.

Me: “Excuse me, but I haven’t got my burger or my cornbread.”

Waitress: “Ah, here’s your chicken burger.”

Me: “Sorry, but no, I ordered the pork and chorizo.”

Waitress: “I didn’t get an order for that!”

Me: “I definitely ordered it. And the cornbread.”

The friends sitting next to me confirmed that I did, in fact, order the specialty burger, so the waitress huffed back to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with my cornbread, but no burger. I was told it would take a while to cook and asked if I was sure I didn’t want the chicken burger. Yes, I was sure. Some of my friends also complained at this point that their burgers hadn’t been plated correctly and arrived without the fries and sides meant to accompany them.

However, I waited and waited and waited. By the time everyone else was finished, my burger was put down in front of me.

I took one bite and it was raw inside — not medium, not rare, but raw and cold in the middle. 

We summoned the waitress, who took the burger back and offered to have the kitchen make it again, but by this point, literally everyone else had finished eating, so I declined and asked them to remove my meal from the bill.

So, this was the story of service so bad that I literally gave up on having dinner. I get that we were a large party, but the table was booked in advance and they knew the numbers, so I don’t see that as excusing the nonsense that went down.