The Sound Of Silence Is Not Serviceable

, , | Right | February 23, 2020

(Even though I often know who’s next, I’m supposed to always ask to make sure, since I work at a market stand and there’s no actual queue.)

Me: *looking directly at the customer in front of me* “Who’s next?”

Customer In Front Of Me: *silence*

Me: *to the person behind her* “Well, what can I help you with?” 

Customer: “Excuse me, I was first!”

Me: “I’m sorry, my colleague will help you.”

(I keep serving customers and I don’t think of it anymore. When there are almost zero customers, my boss approaches me.)

Boss: “You know, you should’ve served that other woman first. She was really upset.”

Me: *shrugs* “I asked who was next, and she refused to acknowledge me. [Coworker] could help her almost immediately, so I didn’t bother to drop whatever I was doing.”

Boss: “Stupid customers.”

(I never heard from the customer again.)

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