The Smoothie Will Never Be As Sweet As The Kid

, | Working | November 13, 2016

(I am working alone during the night shift. It’s very slow when a little boy around the age of five comes up to me.)

Boy: “Hello, do you know if the protein you have is bad for me?”

(We have supplements you can add into your drink.)

Me: “No, it’s not bad for you, but do your parents want you to take supplements?”

Boy: “One second, please. I want to ask my mom and dad.” *runs off and comes back quickly* “Can I just make my own smoothie?”

Me: “Sure! What fruits do you want?”

Boy: “What do you have?”

(I list all the choices and he makes a decision.)

Me: “Great! What size cup do you want?”

Boy: *looks at the small and medium sizes* “Is the medium too much for me? Because I want more than a small but I don’t know if I can finish it.”

Me: “You can choose what you want, buddy. Do you want a medium?”

Boy: “I think I can drink it all. Can I take these cup sizes and show my mom and dad?”

(I agreed and he ran off again. He came back and ordered a medium drink. I quickly made it for him and he went off running to his parents, smiling and clearly happy with his order. That was the cutest kid I have ever helped!)

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