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The Smoke Signals Spell Doom For This Sale

, , , , | Right | November 5, 2020

We sell vapes and refills. A guy comes in who looks no older than twenty.

Me: “Good morning. What can I get for you?”

Customer: “I would like two packs of the mint [vape] pods.”

Me: “Certainly. May I see your ID?”

Customer: “I have a photo of my ID on my phone.”

Me: “Unfortunately, I’m not able to sell you these if you don’t have a valid physical ID.”

Customer: “I have a photo and the temporary renewed sheet.”

Me: “But do you have a physical copy of your ID?”

Customer: “I come here a lot.”

He points to my manager who has never seen him before.

Customer: “She has sold to me before.”

He’s getting really angry and upset at this point.

Me: “Well, I have never seen you once, and I’m here full-time. You aren’t in her line; you are in mine. And I’m denying you of this purchase.”

Customer: “Fine, I’ll come back next shift.”

Me: “They will tell you the same thing.” *Smiles* 

I made sure to let the second shift know he may come back.

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