The Slug Is Being Sluggish

| Related | August 30, 2013

(My girlfriend’s sister is very into nature and loves most animals. On the way to the grocery store, we have taken a detour into an overgrown area to try some wild berries. The conversation takes place in the car, afterward.)

Girlfriend: “I have the tiniest slug ever on my skirt.”

(I glance over to see a speck on her skirt, maybe a few millimeters long.)

Me: “Aww, that’s kinda cute!”

Girlfriend’s Sister: “Lemme see! Can I hold it?”

(My girlfriend very carefully lifts the slug up and puts it on her sister’s finger.)

Girlfriend’s Sister: “He’s the tiniest slug ever! You’re so cute; yes you are!”

(This continues while my girlfriend jokingly grumps that she got ‘nature’ on her, and we chat about various slug-related experiences. After a few minutes, the sister pauses)

Girlfriend’s Sister: “His eye-stalks haven’t moved the whole time I’ve been holding him.”

(She holds it up for a closer look.)

Girlfriend’s Sister: “This isn’t a slug; it’s a blackberry seed.”

(I take it back and flick it out the window.)

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