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The Sky Will Fall Before I Get Taken Advantage Of!  

, , , | Working | November 25, 2019

(During my family’s trip to the waterpark, the aqua photographers take pictures of us. On our way out, we go to the stall, look at the computer, find our photo, and purchase it.)

Checkout Guy: “Here’s your picture.”

(The picture looks nothing like the computers and barely has any colour.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I don’t usually do this, but the picture doesn’t look like what I ordered.”

Checkout Guy: “Can you not see?! It’s clearly the same photograph.”

(I don’t like confrontation, so my cousin swoops in.)

Cousin: “Excuse me. My cousin paid €15 for this photo, and you can’t see the colour of the sky.”

Checkout Guy: *obviously not local* “Ugh, you’re just as bad as your country. THE PHOTO IS THE F****** SAME!”

Me: “Well, I don’t want a photo with no colour.”

Checkout Guy: “Not my problem.” *turns back and starts talking with another customer*

(We ended up complaining to the front office and later learned that the printer ran out of ink and the cashier guy was supposed to change it, but at least I got my money back.)

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