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The Size Of This Problem Is Undocumented

, , | Right | May 1, 2020

Something like 60% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra, so we offer bra fittings to all of our customers. I’ve just measured a woman who insists that she’s a 36C; it turns out she’s a 36DD. She comes out of the fitting room.

Me: “So, what do you think?”

Customer: “I loved it! It fit so much better, and it looked amazing on. Thank you so much.”

After raving about how much she loves the bra, she sets it on the counter and starts to leave.

Me: “Did you not want to purchase it? It is on sale right now.”

Customer: “Oh, no, dear. I’m going to go to [Competitor]. I wear a 36C there.”

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