The Signs They Are A-Changin’

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(I work at a fairly well-known video game chain that often has deals for older pre-owned games, like four for $10 or four for $20, etc. Although I’ve seen several variations of this same conversation, this particular encounter takes place during a sale where games $4.99 and under are four for $10. At this point, I have already talked to these customers, informed them very clearly that all games under $5 are four for $10, and left them to do their shopping.)

Me: *as the customers are walking up to my register* “So, did y’all find everything all right this evening?”

Customer’s Wife: “We sure did! Someone gave our grandkids an Xbox as a gift, and we figured we might find them some games for when they come to visit. I can’t believe you have so many 360 games, and at such good prices, too!”

Me: *noticing the four games they’ve brought me are each $20 to $30* “Well, I’m glad you think so! We try to keep as good of a collection as we can in stock.”

(I ring up the games and give them their total, which is well into the $90 range. The husband nods and puts his card into the chip reader. The wife freaks out before he can enter his PIN.)

Customer’s Wife: “Wait, why is our total $90?!”

Me: *mentally hoping she just noticed our loyalty card pricing instead of the actual price* “Well, ma’am, this bottom price here is if y’all had our [loyalty program] card. Since you’ve told me you don’t, you’re getting this price.” *gestures to the top price*

Customer’s Wife: “Excuse me, but those games are four for $10.”

Me: “I’m sorry about the confusion, ma’am. The four for $10 is, unfortunately, only for games under $5.”

Customer’s Wife: “There was absolutely no sign saying that the games had to be under $5! This is ridiculous.”

(She storms back over to the section to “prove that the sign doesn’t say the price range.” I know very well that all the signs clearly say $4.99 and under, and it’s almost as big a piece of text as the “four for $10” portion.)

Customer: *shakes his head* “Sorry about that.”

Me: “It’s all right. We all read the signs wrong sometimes. I really do hope that your grandkids enjoy the games.”

Customer’s Wife: *from the game section* “See, it says right here—” *stops, presumably because she’s actually read the sign this time and has seen how clearly it is marked* “Hmph. Well.” *glares at me* “Maybe I did misread the sign.”

Me: “It happens to the best of us, ma’am. I hope y’all have a wonderful night.”

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