The Signature Method For Getting A Signature

| Working | April 8, 2014

(My boss is known for having the most horrid personality, while thinking that everybody in the field is like him: swearing, shouting, and quite offensive. We get close to the day to make the yearly inventory.)

Boss: “[My Name], take this document and ask [Higher-Up] to sign this inventory adjustment document.”

Me: “Okay.”

Boss: “Just make sure to tell him what this is. If he asks how much it will fix, tell him $10K. If you have trouble call me, and be super respectful and restrictive of your comments. He normally gets angry when I ask for stuff like this.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I go and get the signatures fairly quickly, with no troubles whatsoever, just being like I normally am. I come back way before what he was expecting me to.)

Boss: *sighs* “What did he say?”

Me: “Nothing.”

Boss: *making confused face* “Did you get the signature?”

Me: “Yes.”

Boss: “Wait, you got it in one go? No issues at all?”

Me: “Yes.”

Boss: “How did you do that!?”

Me: “Oh that’s easy.” *I get closer* “I was being KIIIIIND.”

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