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The Signal Of A Bad Driver

| Related | August 3, 2012

(My teenage sister and I are on vacation with our grandparents in Hawaii. I am 18, and have my driver’s license, but my grandfather refuses to let me drive, as it is clearly unsafe to let someone so young behind the wheel.)

Grandpa: “Let’s go drive around the island. There are some beaches I want you girls to see.”

(We get in the car, and he allows me to sit in the front passenger seat. This is fortunate, because he decides that he is going to drive in the wrong lane so that we can get a better view out of the left side of the car.)

Me: *flailing wildly and grabbing the steering wheel* “Grandpa! You can’t drive on that side of the road, there are cars coming!”

Grandpa: “What? I used my turn signal! It’s fine!”

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