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The Sign Only Provides Food For Thought

, , , | Right | March 4, 2020

(I work in a nonprofit agency that shares a building with a few other nonprofits. Our agency doesn’t give out food vouchers and never has. Despite this, we frequently get people asking us for them because we happen to be closest to the door. Directly next to our door is a sign that reads, “Food vouchers for the [Local Food Cupboard] are available at [Other Nonprofit #1] and [Other Nonprofit #2]. [OUR NONPROFIT] CANNOT GIVE REFERRALS.”)

Man: *looks in our doorway*

Me: “Can I help you?”

Man: “Yeah, I need an emergency food voucher.”

Me: “We don’t give those out here, but they can help you at [Other Nonprofit #1] across the lobby there.”

(I point.)

Man: *disbelieving* “I thought I got one here before.”

Me: “[Our Nonprofit] doesn’t actually help people directly; we only fund other agencies.”

Man: “Hmph.”

(He begins to walk away but catches sight of the sign next to our door.)

Man: *triumphantly* “‘Food vouchers…’ Ah, see, this is what I was talking about!”

(He finishes reading the sign.)

Man: *walking towards other nonprofit* “Well, you used to give food vouchers!”

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